Thursday, October 6, 2011

What do employers think of provider-sourced internships?

In what really amounts to an ongoing discussion -- even debate -- around the question of fee for placement internship & volunteer placements (both domestically and most acutely in the the international sector... read previous posts here & here), the one thing I haven't heard much discussion about is what employers think of these internships when it comes to shopping yourself (that is, those who have taken advantage of such program placements) around on the job market.

Despite whatever value is added by providers -- be it in the form of daily support, academic/reflective/critical framing of the program, language courses, room & board provision, and/or access to otherwise closed off opportunities -- there is, in my experience, continuing resistance to the notion of "paying for" an internship among students, parents, and faculty & staff in higher education. And, seemingly, among the general public as well.

Are business people, HR professionals in larger organizations/institutions, and other employers any different? When they see an internship on a resume is it of any concern how that internship was secured and does it make a difference if it was secured through a provider?

If you're a provider what, if anything, have you heard from non-affiliated employers? If you're a student or graduate who has taken advantage of provider-sourced internships have you discussed them in subsequent job interviews? Do employers care about the how of securing the internship or just about the substance your work and performance?

And if you're an employer: do you care?

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